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Aloe Vera is one of the best gifts of nature. It has a healing power that can cure various health issues. Aloe Vera is mostly used for skin treatment, especially for the face. If you are a beach lover or spend lots of time in the sun then the sunburn problem is common for you. Aloe Vera has fame in the treatment of sunburn and it can revive your face glossiness. Problem is that you can’t collect Aloe Vera from the field all the time. But don’t worry! Lots of shops are available where you can buy the right pack of 100 percent pure aloe vera gel for face.

There are lots of ads and products on the market. So, it is very hard to find which one is right for you. Not all the products contain pure Aloe Vera gel. Rather they are mixed with other ingredients for different purposes. So, it’s a time killing process to check which product is going to give you the best and pure one.

100 Percent Pure Aloe Vera Gel Reviews

For your easy choice, we have reviewed 5 pure Aloe Vera gels which are 100 percent natural. At the same time, they will heal sunburn and reverse your face brightness.

1. Seven Mineral Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Do you belong to a sensitive face? Then this one can be best for you. Because there is no drop of Xanthan and no other addicting effect. If your face is super sensitive, it won’t disappoint you. Seven Mineral’s Aloe gel has huge demand in the USA. They are grown in Sothern Texas and harvested from real freshly cut aloe leaves. It is clear, slightly thinner and no powder is added with it. You can use this aloe gel on your sunburned face. Definitely, you will notice a radical change. Also, you can use this gel on your skin & hair.

2. Majestic Aloe Gel From Natural Cold Pressed Aloe Vera – 100 Percent Organic

Majestic pure Aloe Vera Gel

Are you facing problems with dry face or sunburns? Then you can choose this Majestic product. Because this 100% organic aloe vera gel can moisturizer your dry face and revive the lost fairness. It also heals the cells of your face and removes sun burns spots. The good news is that it is grown and prepared in USA. There is no harmful chemical, added color, fragrance or alcohol in it. You can also get benefits for eczema, psoriasis, cuticles, scalp itch, insect bites, razor burn, and other rashes. This Majestic aloe vera gel is a cruelty free product. So, you can use it as hair gel, aftershave, conditioner for shinier and healthier hair.

3. Amara Beauty Gel from Cold Pressed Aloe Vera – 100% pure

Organic Cold Pressed Aloe for Face

Amara Beauty Aloe Vera gel is collected from fresh Aloe leaves. There is no extra fragrance, color or chemical. It is fully natural and organic. It is absorbed quickly and you won’t feel any sticky, waxing or oily effect. Rather, it will give you a silky and smoothie skin. So, you can use this gel on face without any hesitation. It works best for sunburns, acne, black spot and blackheads. You can also use this gel as hair styling gel, aftershave or leave in conditioner for shiny and silky hair. This can remove oily effects from your face. This gel also works fine for itchy patches or bald spots for your pet.

4. Kate Blanc Gel from Freshly Cut Organic Aloe Vera Plant

Collected from Freshly Cut Organic Aloe Plant by Kate Blanc

Kate Blanc’s Aloe Vera Gel is collected from organic Aloe Vera plants. There is no added petrochemicals, color, fragrance or alcohol. So, it is pure, authentic and natural. At the same time, Kate Blanc’s Aloe Gel is one of the most sold Aloe gel on Amazon. It heals small cuts and sunburn. So, if you facing sunburns, acne or black spot problems on face then you should keep this on your choice list. It has instant cooling to rashes on face. Moreover, this organic aloe gel is quickly absorbed by the skin and helps skin to be smooth and soft. You can also use this gel as a hair treatment pack. It is capable of decreasing dandruff and itchy scalps.

5. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera 100 % Pure Gel

Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera 100 % Organic

As you see in the title, it is 100% organic. If you are hunting for new aloe gel then it can be your perfect choice. This gel is collected from fresh Aloe Vera leaves. No fragrance or color is added with it. There is no restriction for external uses. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and removes dead cells. By regular use, your skin will be whitened and brightened. Regular uses of this pure aloe vera gel on your face will remove sunburns, black spots and acne problems. It works fine for razor burn too. You can use this aloe gel instead of sunscreen lotion before going outside in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there 100 aloe vera gel?

There are lots of suppliers who offers 100% aloe vera gel. You can collect from them. Besides, you can also extract 100 percent pure aloe vera gel from fresh Aloe leaves.

How long does pure Aloe Vera Gel last?

However, it is best to use aloe gel after extracting from Aloe leaf. But you can store it for 5 to 10 days. You can also preserve aloe gel for 6 months in refrigerator by packing it well.

How do you know if aloe vera gel is real?

You get natural Aloe Vera gel in light golden color when it is directly extracted form Aloe leaf. If you see Aloe Vera gel in green color then artificial green color is mixed with it. That means it is not as natural as you think.

What preservatives are used in aloe vera gel?

Both natural and chemical preservative are used in Aloe Vera gel. Chemical includes vitamin E, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate and citric acid. Two natural essential oils are used which are derived from Cinnamomum zeylanicum and Eugenia caryophyllata.

Does aloe vera gel expire?

Generally, a well packed and processed Aloe Vera gel has normal expiration date of two years. It is not necessary to keep it in refrigerator. But keep it in cool and dry place.


Above reviewed Aloe Vera gels are for external use only. Always keep these gels where your child or pet can’t reach. Never let the aloe gel to touch your eyes. If you suffer from an allergic reaction then it’s a suggestion for you to rub a small amount of gel in your elbow area to test. Wait for a few minutes. If you feel uncomfortable then avoid. Always take consultation before use for spots with injury, burns, eczema or dermatitis. If you are pregnant then you must talk with a doctor before use. Lastly, store at room temperature and keep the container always closed.

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