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Washing Machine is not a big deal nowadays. It can handle all your wash loads without any hassle. If there is no washing machine in your house, you may go laundromat 2 or 3 times a week. At this point, a washing machine can keep you hassle-free and keep you tension free. Besides, you can troubleshoot your washer at home in most cases. That is why every house owner must have a washing machine.

If you are in the market and looking for a washing machine, you should know how many types of washing machines.

Washing Mchine Types

There are mainly 2 types of washing machine. They are-

1. Top Load Washer

2. Front Load Washer

Each type of washer has its own pros and cons. So, you should know the accurate information for choosing the right one for you.

Top Load Washer

how many types of washing machine
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  • You no need to bend clothes when you put them or out on a top load washing machine.
  • You can add clothes after you start a cycle.
  • Cycle of a top load washer is noticeably shorter.
  • Works on low noise. Creates low vibration.
  • Least complaints about odor.
  • Very much easy to operate.
  • Clear lid lets you observe what’s happening inside the machine.


  • Cleaning performance is average. But not up to the snuff when your clothes are heavily soiled or you put soiled clothes in a heavy load.
  • Wash tub is not suitable for a queen size comforter.
  • This type of washer is not stackable.
  • Comes with spin dry system. You need to dry the clothes fully in the sun.

You can separate a top load washing machine in two. They are-

  1. Agitator Top Load Washer : An agitator is a finned post that is placed in the middle of top load washer and cleans clothes with its power.
  2. Impeller Top Load Washer : Impeller is a low profile cone or disk that gently rubs clothes and removes dirt and rust from the washer.

Front Load Washer

front load washing machine
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  • Front load washer is stackable. So, they can fit in a tight space.
  • Comes with a large washing capacity that lets you wash bulky items with the same washing performance.
  • Steam spray helps to remove hard stains.
  • Consumption of less water and less power makes it energy efficient.
  • High spin speed removes more moisture from the wash load which cuts drying time.


  • So many features make it expensive to purchase.
  • Sophisticated wash cycle needs a longer time.
  • High spin RPM force this machine to vibrate a little bit unless you use a vibration reducer.
  • Sophisticated design lets water trap inside causing odor.

Other Types Of Washing Machine

Besides the above mentioned two types of washers, there are some other types of washers. They are-

Portable Washing Machines: These types of washing machines are compact and lightweight. They are designed for small spaces. You can get portable washers in single tub or twin tub designs.

Built-In Washing Machines: This washing machines are designed to be installed within kitchen cabinets. It don’t comsume your flat’s open space.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines: This type of washer requires manual intervention to transfer clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub. They come with a shorter wash and spin cycle. Their washing capacity is less than a full-sized front load washer.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines: No manual intervention is needed for this washing machine. You just need to put clothes, detergent and set the required settings according to your clothes needs. Then the rest will be done on its own. Both front load and top load washers come with these facilities.


What is drum in washing machine?

A drum is a rotating tub. It moves around the agitator or impeller during the wash cycle and helps the washer for better performance.

What is the difference between a washing machine and a washer?

There is no difference between a washing machine and a washer. The term washing machine is widely used while washer is used rarely.

Is a bigger washing machine better?

A big size washing machine is made for big washing capacity. If you don’t have enough time to wash clothes several times a week or you have huge clothes loads at a time then it will be perfect for you. But you need more energy and more water to run. Spare parts and maintenance cost is also higher for a big washing machine. If you don’t need a big capacity then it is better to go for a small size washer.

Which washing machine has the least repairs?

Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung are the most reliable washing machine brands. They need less repairs than others in the market.

There may also be some models of the mentioned brands that require not only frequent repairs but also face recall. So, you should consider customer reviews before making any purchase.

Are front loaders really better?

Generally, a front load washer spins faster than a top loader. More spin means better cleaning. It also extracts more water from the clothes and cuts the drying time than a traditional top loader.

Final Words

Generally, a front load washer cleans clothes better than a top load washer. But it uses a long wash cycle than a top loader. So, you should choose one that finally meets your requirements.

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