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Maytag is not only a reputable but also a trusted brand in the sector of home appliances. To solve consumers’ laundry problems, Maytag has introduced so many washing machine models. All of them are ruling in the market. Along with other mini types of washing machines, this manufacturer has brought commercial grade washers.

To provide the best washing experience Maytag has used mechanical and electrical power combinedly in their commercial washing machine lines. You can deserve long time services from these types of washers.

But like other appliances, it may face stuck or no sense issues when it will not get any command. It’s not a major problem and you can fix it at home. Maytag commercial technology washer reset can back your washer’s sense again.

Maytag commercial technology washer reset

Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Reset : Step by Step

Following some steps in power ON/OFF can reset your Maytag commercial washer. So, follow this easiest guideline and fix your washer.

  1. Locate your commercial washer’s Power Switch.
  2. Disconnect your washer from the wall electric outlet. If it’s not connected to the wall eclectic outlet, you can cut off the power for the home electric circuit breaker.
  3. Now, wait for 1 minute. But it is a good decision to wait at least 3 minutes.
  4. Finally, connect your washer to the home electric power outlet. Alternatively, you can lift up the home electric circuit breaker, if you have cut the power from it.
  5. Press the power ON Switch.
  6. Last but important: Lift up and lift down washer’s lid 6 times within 12 seconds. In this process, washer’s motor will be reset. After pressing the power ON Switch, you must perform this task within 30 seconds.

Congratulations! You have made Maytag commercial washer reset ‍successfully.

How To Reset Maytag Commercial Technology Washer – Using Service Manual

Like others, Maytag commercial washer comes with an operating manual. You will get different types of solutions including the resetting processes.

You must have brought this manual with your device when you bought it.

Have you lost your service manual?

OK, it’s not a big deal. Maytag always honors their loyal customer. So, they have made it easy to download service guides or repair guides easily from their website. Just go to their site and enter your washing machine’s model number and download it.

If you have forgotten the model number. Follow this link and get your device’s model number.

How to Decrease Maytag Commercial Washer’s Malfunctions by 40%

  1. Always use manufacturer-provided power cord and connect your washer to the good conditioned electric outlet.
  2. Distribute your wash load evenly through the wash drum. Don’t try to overload the washer.
  3. Check inlet and outlet hose regularly and replace them if they leak.
  4. Always close the lid properly. Otherwise, it will prevent the machine from running accurately.
  5. Any kinks in the drain hose may reduce washer’s working capacity.

Final Words

Maytag commercial grade washer is ready to provide top level washing experience. It has a user friendly detailed control panel. You can check notifications from the display and operate the device from the control panel.

Maytag has introduced their commercial grade line washer not only for professionals but also to bring the profession to the profitable business. So, why will you stop with obstacles? Maytag customer service is ready with their experts. So, never forget to ask assistance from them whenever it needs.

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