Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – What to Check – How to Fix?




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Frigidaire refrigerator comes with water dispenser that offers you cool and chills water on a hot sunny day. But like other parts, it may not work or stuck for various reasons. Believe me, it’s not a serious problem at all. You can fix your Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working issue at home by following this guideline.

Frozen water tube, clogged water filter, problematic water inlet valve and low house water pressure are the main culprits behind a Frigidaire refrigerator’s water dispensing problem. So, you must check and fix them one by one to back your device on track again.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working
Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Dispenser

How to Fix Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working Problem?

There are various reasons that can prevent your refrigerator’s water dispenser from dispensing water. So, here I have discussed the most common reasons and their best solutions.

Frozen Water Tube

Frozen water tube sometimes stops water supply. If your refrigerator’s temperature is less than 0 degree Fahrenheit, water tube might get frozen. To check and fix this problem follow these steps-

  • Unplug your refrigerator from its power source.
  • Detach the water tube from the bottom.
  • Use your hairdryer or a leaf blower to blow air through it.
  • If the air doesn’t pass out from the open side, the tube is blocked with ice.
  • Melt the ice and push out the water from it.
  • Set the tube back and run your refrigerator.
  • Don’t forget to keep your refrigerator temperature between 0 to 10 Fahrenheit degrees.

Clogged Ice and Water Filter

Ice and water filter provides drinkable water filtering germs and contaminants. Using carbon and fabric made filters for a long time might cause reduced or stopped water flow. The pores of the filter clogged with dirt over time and obstruct water stream. To check and fix faulty refrigerator water dispenser, follow these steps-

  • Find and remove your water and ice filter following Frigidaire user’s manual.
  • If you find a damaged or clogged filter, replace it with a new filter.
  • Note the installation day of water filter.
  • Change your water filter every 6 months.

Leaked or Damaged Water Inlet Valve

Water inlet valve is a solenoid-operated device. It is located at the back of your refrigerator that supplies water to the water dispenser. A broken or defective water inlet valve creates water dispensing problem. To check and fix it follow these steps-

  • Unplug your refrigerator from the power source.
  • Disconnect the water supply and find out the water inlet valve at the bottom of the refrigerator.
  • Check the whole tubing and belonging connections carefully for any leak, damage, erosion or brittle.
  • You can use a multi-meter at Rx1 mode to check the pressure of the inlet valve. It must show a reading of 200 to 500 ohms. If the inlet valve is tested not functional, replace it.

Low Water Pressure from House Supply

Sometimes you will find that there is no problem with your water dispenser. But the problem is in your house water supply. If the pressure of the main water supply is less than 20 psi, the water inlet valve will not open. Thus water cannot be supplied to the Frigidaire refrigerator and water dispenser stops working. Fix this problem following the steps-

  • Check main line’s water pressure.
  • Clean clogs, pipes and water depositor.
  • If water stream pressure is still less than 20 psi, you should install a water pressure booster pump.
  • Always try to keep the water pressure minimum 20 psi to avoid water dispensing problems. It is better to keep water pressure between 30-40 psi.

Dysfunctional Water Dispenser Actuator

The dispenser actuator is a plastic lever that is pressed down by your water glass to fill your glass with chilled water. It works along with micro switch to power the auger motor. If it does not press the switch in a right manner, water will not flow properly. A dysfunctional actuator causes uneven water flow. Sometimes it causes dripping or leaking water without pressing the actuator. To check and fix the problem follow these steps-

  • Unplug your refrigerator and disconnect the water supply.
  • Remove the cover of the control board.
  • Check if the actuator is triggering the switch in a proper way when it is pressed.
  • If not check the housing bracket, switch mounting bracket and the actuator pivot.
  • If you notice any issue, replace the problematic parts.

Defective Door Switch

When you open your refrigerator’s door, the door switch turns the water dispenser off. On the other hand, when you close the refrigerator’s door, the door switch turns the dispenser on. Without having the instruction from it, your dispenser won’t run at all. Sometimes this door switch may become defective and fails to turn on water dispenser. As a result, the dispenser cannot work. To determine and fix the problem follow steps-

  • Connect a multi-meter to door switch.
  • Test it for continuity.
  • If there is no continuity when activated, replace it.

Faulty Dispenser Micro Switch

The micro switch is placed behind the actuator. When you press the actuator with your glass, it connects with the micro switch and sends power to the inlet valve through the solenoid. Then the valve becomes activated and starts supplying water to your glass through the dispenser filter. The process is described just to show how a tiny switch does its inevitable job from behind the scene. So, a simple fault in micro switch can cause Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working issue. Follow the steps below and fix your unit-

  • Unplugged your refrigerator and disconnect the water supply.
  • Remove the refrigerator’s control board cover to locate the micro switch. Generally, it is behind the actuator.
  • Remove the switch.
  • Use multi-meter to test switch’s continuity.
  • It must show a reading of 200-500 ohms.
  • Otherwise, replace the micro switch.

Problematic Dispenser Control Board

The control board is the lifeblood of a water dispenser. The whole dispenser system is controlled from here. If no problem is detected in the previous steps, maybe the control board is defective. Manufacturer produces and places this dispenser control board very carefully with full safety. Thus it is a very rare case to have a problem with it. So, you should only check the control board after checking all other commonly problematic components. Here are some simple steps to check and troubleshoot your water dispenser’s control board-

  • Unplug your refrigerator and disconnect the water supply.
  • Check the continuity of the plug, socket and other belonging parts.
  • If you find no problem, the control board is responsible for not dispensing water.
  • Also look for any damage, wear, burning, or shorted connections.
  • Do not try to repair it, replace it with a new one. Trust me it is a cost effective investment in the long run.


You must be cautious when you are going to troubleshoot your refrigerator’s water dispenser at home-

  • Do not inspect, repair or replace when your refrigerator is plugged into a power source.
  • Do not shake your refrigerator while inspecting.
  • Do not keep your refrigerator temperature more or less than 0-100 Fahrenheit degrees.
  • Do not try to repair the control board or any other sensitive parts yourself.
  • Do not use a water filter more than 6 months.
  • Do not use an unauthorized or different company provided parts at the time of replacing.


Q: What causes refrigerator water dispenser to stop working?

Answer: There are some reasons behind a not working refrigerator’s water dispenser. These are inaccurate temperature, not shutting the refrigerator door properly, dispenser filter not installed perfectly, clogged cartridge and filter. Apart from that leaking inlet valve, declining water supply pressure, damaged any vital part stops water dispenser from working.

Q: How do I clean my Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser?

Answer: Here are some tips to clean your refrigerator water dispenser properly:

  • Disconnect power and water supply.
  • Use soap water and rinse sponge to wipe interior parts.
  • Vacuum dust carefully from electronic parts with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use an abrasive cleanser or hard paper to avoid scratch.
  • Dry completely before reactivate your refrigerator.

Q: Will a refrigerator dispense water without a filter?

Answer: Usually, a refrigerator uses a bypass water filter system that can dispense water without using a filter. The filter is placed on the right top corner. You may remove that filter, it won’t disturb the dispensing system. But it will result in odor, discolor, unsafe water and ice.

Q: How often should you clean water dispenser in fridge?

Answer: To get fresh and constant water flow you must clean it regularly. Keep your refrigerator neat and fill it with fresh food. Change the filter before passing 6 months. Wash the whole refrigerator interior at least 2 times a year.

Final Words

Having a water dispenser with refrigerator is a blessing. But you must need to use and take care of it properly. Purchase necessary parts from a Frigidaire authorized shop. Sometimes problems are so trivial that you can troubleshoot them at home. If you fail to identify the problem, check the user manual that manufacturer provides with the refrigerator.

Frigidaire provides 24 hours online basis customer service. So, you can also contact their experts over phone or online. Furthermore, if the problem is major, it is better to send your refrigerator to an expert. If you are living in the USA or Canada and your unit is aged less than one year, you may claim the warranty.

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