Maytag Refrigerator Compressor Not Running : How to Fix

Maytag refrigerator comes with various innovative and user friendly features. Like others, this refrigerator may face different issues. All of the issues are not too tough to solve. You can fix most of the issues at home. Maytag refrigerator compressor not running is such kind of issue that you can fix even if you are not experienced with it.

maytag refrigerator compressor not running

How to Fix Maytag Refrigerator Compressor

Don’t be panicked. In most cases, these components are liable for a not running compressor. Just check and fix them accordingly.

Replace Problematic Start Relay

If your refrigerator’s compressor is not running, the first and foremost duty is to check your unit’s start relay. Because a faulty start relay cuts off the power supply to the device.

  • First of all, locate the start relay.
  • Remove this component from the refrigerator.
  • Shake it. A good start relay doesn’t sound rattle at all. If you get any rattling sound when you shake from inside of the start relay, it is bad.
  • So, replace the start relay.

Also, you can’t depend on a start relay that smells burnt even when it is good to look at.

But the problem will appear when you don’t get a burnt smell or there is no rattle sound when you shake it.

Is the start relay ok?

Apparently, it may look good but it actually can be faulty. So, run a multimeter test for continuity. If the start relay fails to show continuity, you should replace it.

Install a Good Quality Power Cord

A good quality power cord is necessary for every refrigerator to run it smoothly. Apart from that, it protects your device and your house from any unwanted fire outbreak.

A damaged or qualityless power cord is not capable of supplying the required electricity to the refrigerator. As a result, refrigerator fails to run the compressor.

If power cord fails to pass the power through it, you should also check the wall electric outlet. Because you can’t deserve power from a faulty or damaged wall electric outlet.

You can connect other electric devices to the wall electric outlet to check whether they are getting power or not. If they are getting power, the wall electric outlet is good. Otherwise, you need to change it.

Clean Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are used to run the compressor smoothly. It must be clean to run the compressor without any issue. With the time growing, dirt takes place on condenser coils that prevent compressor to run smoothly or overload it.

So, you must check the condenser coil and confirm the amount of dirt on them. If these coils are clogged with heavy dirt, these coils are working behind a not running compressor. So, you should clean them properly with a vacuum cleaner or condenser cleaning brush.

Check the Condenser Fan

A condenser fan functions to cool the compressor and condenser coils. If it can’t function properly, the compressor will overheat and finally, it will stop working.

Condenser fan must be in good condition to run the compressor. If there is dirt or any obstruction on the fan’s blade, condenser fan won’t function properly. So, you should clean the dirt and other obstruction from the fan’s blade.

You should also check whether the fan’s motor is working fine or not. To check it, just turn the blades with your hands. If they turn without any obstructions that means the motor is ok. Otherwise, you must replace the fan motor.

Apart from that, test the fan motor for continuity with a digital multimeter. If it shows the necessary reading on the display, it’s likely in good condition. If the motor fails to provide the necessary reading, you must change the motor.

Test and Replace Faulty Thermistor

The thermistor records the temperature changing and sends data to the main control board. Then control board stops or starts the cooling system by activating the compressor. That means a problematic thermistor is liable behind a not running compressor.

Take a multimeter and test the thermistor whether it is working or not. With the temperature changes, thermistor should change its resistance. So, If temperature changes but the reading in multimeter doesn’t change, the thermistor is faulty.

If you fail to check the thermistor keeping it in the refrigerator:

  • Take two cups of water. One is in normal and another in hot temperature.
  • Remove the thermistor from the refrigerator.
  • Place it in normal temperature water.
  • Test thermistor resistance using a multimeter and record it.
  • Again place the thermistor in the hot water cup and record its resistance.
  • If you notice that the resistance changes with the changes of temperature, the thermistor is likely good.
  • If resistance doesn’t change with the temperature changing, the thermistor is faulty. So, replace it with a new one.

Rplace the Compressor

A compressor can be faulty. But this is a very rare case. So, you should test the above mentioned components. If all of the components are in good condition then you should only check the compressor.

Shorted pin or shorted terminal can stop compressor’s running. So, if you notice any shorted pin or terminal in the test, replace the compressor.

Final Words

All of the above mentioned causes and solutions behind the not running problem of a Maytag refrigerator are very much practical. They are also suggested by experts. So, you can follow and fix the issue without any doubt.

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