Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker not working – What to Check – How to Fix

There are lots of conveniences of having an ice maker at home. That’s why whirlpool has integrated it with their refrigerator. Generally, you can expect a smooth performance from it. But like other refrigerator’s issues, you may notice your Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker not working properly.

It is a minor problem and you can fix it without any hassle.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker not Working
Whirlpool refrigerator

How to Fix Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker not Working Problem?

Before troubleshooting, you must know the reasons behind your refrigerator’s icemaker problem. From my previous experiences, I am going to discuss the most common reasons and their best solutions.

Turn On Ice Maker’s Switch

If you are facing ice making issue from your whirlpool refrigerator, the first and foremost duty is to check the ice maker whether it is on or off. You can’t deserve ice when the ice maker’s switch is off. So, you should confirm it before going to further inspection.

On/off switch is attached to an electric arm through a wire connection. When you turn on the switch, the arm go its place from the down position. Again, when you turn off the switch, the electric arm displace itself from its position.

In most of the cases, this ice maker faces problem when the refrigerator is installed for the first time.

  • If the arm was pushed accidentally and it is in upward position, ice dispenser won’t start its task.
  • So, check and confirm that it is in downward positon and the switch is turned on.

Check Temperature Issue

Water becomes ice in a certain temperature. It is generally 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15C). So, you must ensure this temperature in your fridge to work the ice maker part properly. Due to different reasons your refrigerator’s temperature may increase and ice making part start facing problem.

  • A clogged condenser coil prevents refrigerator to dissipate heat outside of refrigerator. As a result, your refrigerator becomes hot. That’s why, you can’t deserve ice. So, check condenser coil and clear the inside with brush and vacuum.
  • A clogged condenser coil prevents refrigerator to dissipate heat outside of refrigerator. As a result, your refrigerator becomes hot. That’s why, you can’t deserve ice. So, check condenser coil and clear the inside with brush and vacuum.

Whirlpool ice maker jammed

When you press ice dispenser, ice harvest fingers harvest ice to the cubes. If there is no completely frozen ice yet, harvesting fingers harvest icy water. As a result, icy water catch the stripper and freeze on it. Next, it causes an ice bridge that finally jams harvest fingers.

Take a plastic utensil and remove jammed ice from the harvest fingers slowly. It will solve ice making problem.

Water Inlet Valve issue

Water inlet valve is an electronic device. It allows water to enter into the water dispenser and icemaker. A faulty valve fails to understand the needs of water when refrigerator needs. As a result, water fails to enter into the icemaker that finally results in ice making issue.

  • Take a multimeter and test the inlet valve for continuity.
  • If there is no continuity, it means the valve is defective.
  • Replace it to solve ice making problem.

Check Ice Maker Assembly

Ice maker assembly is responsible for making ice. If your refrigerator fails to produce ice, one or more component of icemaker is defective. But manufacturer doesn’t sell ice maker component separately. That’s why, you must replace this assembly. But it doesn’t happen normally. Before replacing it, check water pressure, water line and fan. If all of the parts are functioning accurately, the problem is with the assembly.

Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker not getting water

You must ensure enough water for your refrigerator to work properly. Sometimes, water line or home water pressure can affect refrigerator’s icemaker.

  • Confirm that your fridge is connected with with your home water line accurately.
  • Check the water pipe that is connected with your home water line. If it is kinked or bent, straighten it.
  • Ensure that the water pipe isn’t pushed by refrigerator.
  • Water inlet valve needs at least 20 psi water pressure to work properly. So, you must ensure proper home water pressure. Otherwise, water inlet valve won’t response properly.

Door Switch Problem

When you open your whirlpool refrigerator, door switch turns off water and ice dispenser. A defective door switch fails to turn on the water and ice dispenser.

  • Take a multimeter and test door switch in activated position for its continuity.
  • If multimeter doesn’t show the expected continuity, the problem is with the door switch.
  • So, replace it to solve icemaker not working problem.

Ice Level Control Board Issue

Latest whirlpool refrigerator uses infrared beam to detect the ice level. If the ice level reaches the top of the ice bucket, infrared beam gets interrupted and ice level control board shuts power to stop making more ice. If ice level drops, control board sends power to the ice maker to start its job. Therefore, a defective control board can stop making ice.

  • Firstly, check whether control board is getting power or not.
  • If it is getting power but fails make ice, replace the control board.

Icemaker Mold Thermostat Issue

The main duty of icemaker mold thermostat is to monitor the temperature of ice tray. When it detects the necessary temperature, icemaker ejects ice and refills mold again with water. A defective icemaker mold thermostat works behind a whirlpool french door refrigerator not making ice issue.

  • Take a multimeter and test icemaker mold thermostat for its continuity.
  • If you don’t see continuity, it is defective.
  • So, replace icemaker mold thermostat with a new one.

Replace Icemaker Switch

A turned off or defective icemaker switch creates ice making problem. So, check and confirm that the switch is turned on. If it doesn’t work, use a multimeter and test it for continuity. If there is no continuity, you must replace it to solve the problem.

Clean Water Filter

Water filter filters water and prevents debris from getting into the ice dispenser. If you don’t clean it regularly, it will be clogged by debris. A clogged water filter restricts the natural flow of water to the ice making part. If icemaker doesn’t get enough water, it won’t make enough ice. That means you must clean water filter regularly to continue proper water flow. It is better to replace water filter in every six months.


  • Always unplug your refrigerator before troubleshooting.
  • If troubleshooting needs to disassemble parts, follow the owner’s manual.
  • Always use manufacturer’s spare parts.
  • If your refrigerator is still under warranty period, don’t try to fix it by yourself. Otherwise, it may void your warranty.

Final Words

All above-mentioned solutions of whirlpool Refrigerator ice maker not working problem are recommended by experts. So, you can try them without any hesitation. When you start troubleshooting this problem, apply the most common and the easiest solution first and then the rest accordingly.

If the problem is still going on, send your unit to a technician or send it to the manufacturer’s authorized service center.

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