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Do you know how to put GE refrigerator into defrost? Perhaps you don’t even know what that is. Well, defrosting is the process by which you can remove frost and ice from the inside of a refrigerator. That enables the fridge to continue working efficiently.

Often, refrigerators will automatically defrost, but sometimes you need to do it manually. However, the procedure might be unclear to some people. That’s why we have outlined the way you can do it fast.

Let’s dive straight in.

How to Put GE Refrigerator into Defrost?

There are two ways by which a GE refrigerator can defrost. It will often defrost automatically by itself. However, you can manually defrost it by emptying its contents, switching off the temperature control, and scraping off some stubborn frosts. Finish by using a dry towel to wipe away the liquid ice and dry the refrigerator.

Automatic defrosting doesn’t need much cajoling, unlike manual defrosting. In fact, the automatic defrost takes place on its own accord every 25 to 40 minutes when the refrigerator is working.

However, there is a way you can force it to kick in whenever you need it to. Here’s is how to do it.

How to Put GE Refrigerator into Defrost
Image: GE Refrigerator

Automatic Defrosting

Automatic defrosting is a standard feature of all GE refrigerators.

While the refrigerator will often automatically go into the defrost mode, there is a way can force it to. Here is how to force-defrost a GE refrigerator.

  1. Open the refrigerator and empty it of its contents.
  2. Locate the light switch and press it repeatedly five times. That should force the refrigerator to defrost.
  3. Use a dry towel to wipe away all the water dripping into the refrigerator from the frost.

That wasn’t that hard, was it?

Manual Defrosting

Now to the manual way of defrosting a GE refrigerator which is the primary aim of this writeup.

You’ll see that it isn’t a complicated affair. Before starting, however, remember to check the manual for any directions that you might miss.

The manual will often give the steps you can take to defrost your refrigerator unit manually.

What You Will Need

  • A sponge
  • A container

Step 1: Empty the Freezer

You can’t efficiently defrost without first removing the contents of the refrigerator. If you have any food in there, it will have to come out before starting the procedure. Not only does it make it easier, but it also ensures the food doesn’t get dirty.

You can put the food in a freezing container or a cooler since the defrosting process will take some time.

Step 2: Switch off the temperature control

With the refrigerator now empty, you can then turn off the temperature control. That will enable the frost and ice inside to thaw. Remember to keep the fridge off when you are defrosting.

Step 3: Manual Scrape off Frost

Turning off the temperature controls won’t be enough to defrost the refrigerator. That’s why you need to scrape off some of the frosts manually. Bea careful not to use a sharp scraping tool since you could damage the inner parts of the freezer.

Ensure you have placed the container to collect all the thawing ice in liquid form as you do that. The water will drop off the refrigerator system from the drain hole. A sponge might also help you dry out the water in the other parts of the fridge.

The entire process shouldn’t take you less than two hours. You should ensure you take as long as possible to clean out the refrigerator while you defrost it. That’s because not all frost is visible, and some might hide in plain sight.

Some frosts hide in the food compartments, making them harder to remove if they melt away. That’s why you should also use a sponge to wipe the inner parts of the refrigerator.

Once you have finished doing all that, you can now turn the temperature control back on.

Bonus Defrosting Tip

When cleaning, you will often note the side of the refrigeration to which the frost has most accumulated. That might be hard for you to remove. If you notice that, then call in a technician to help remove the glaze.

Why is it Important to Defrost a GE Refrigerator?

There are several reasons you need to defrost your refrigerator. The most obvious one is that it is crucial for the proper functioning of the refrigerator. That’s because frost builds up inside the fridge and causes it to be inefficient.

First, it will cover the contents of the refrigerator and have it working inefficiently. The first will also cause an increase in your energy bills. That’s because the fridge will work harder to melt the frost while in regular operation.

Frost will also take up more space in your fridge. You will therefore have less room to put in your food or other stuff. That’s why you need to regularly defrost your fridge to avoid losing out on space in the refrigerator.

Frost can often cause the refrigerator to be in an untidy condition. Refrigerators that haven’t been put in defrost will usually have a foul odor. That’s highly undesirable, considering that you put food in there. You wouldn’t want your food all smelly.

The last reason you need to defrost your freezer regularly is that it unclogs the condensation drains. The condensation drains are an integral part of the fridge, and any clogging will often harm the fridge’s work rate. Therefore, when you defrost your refrigerator, you will clear those drains of ice and frost.

Defrosting is a fundamental step in the maintenance of your refrigerator. If you want it working fine, observe that time and defrost it. If you want your refrigerator to be in the best condition, you should manually defrost every six months.

General Electronics make different models of refrigerators. Each model has specific controls that run it.

So, how do you defrost a GE refrigerator?

After Defrosting What Next?

You don’t have to do anything else after defrosting. You, however, can reset the defrost timer. Before doing that, it is wise to consult the refrigerator’s manual first.

Here is how you can reset the defrost timer.

Step 1

Plug off the refrigerator, then access the bottom rear by removing the cover plate. Once you access the bottom rear, use a screwdriver to remove the cover plate to get to the timer.

Step 2

You will see a circular notch at the front of the defrost timer. Turn it until you hear the fan stop. You will have successfully reset the timer. You can now screw everything in place with the screwdriver.

Now your refrigerator should be in mint condition since you have reset the defrost timer and thawed the ice and frost that could have gotten in the way of healthy functioning.

What if The Defrost Doesn’t Work?

If the defrost doesn’t work, then it will only mean one thing: it is broken. So how can you prove it is indeed broken? You can do that by looking for the below signs.

  1. Frost accumulates at a rapid pace. We had already said that the ideal period to defrost your refrigerator is after six months. However, when the defrost is broken, you will often see the need for this way sooner than six months. That’s because the frost will build up faster than usual. That’s a clear sign the defrost isn’t working.
  2. The most obvious of the reasons is a hard time getting the refrigerator to defrost. This is an empathic reason to call in a technician and have them check the fridge.


How many times does a GE refrigerator defrost in a day?

Automatic defrosts occur either once or twice a day and might run for about 25 to 45 minutes. Manual defrosts usually take a longer time. The refrigerator can take up to two hours to defrost successfully.

Can I use the manual defrost method on all refrigerators?

Yes, you can. The method we have discussed here can work for the other refrigerator models as well. You, however, need to go through the manual to ensure there are no mishaps when you are doing it.

How can I prevent frost from forming inside my refrigerator?

There are several things you can do. For starters, arrange the foodstuff in the refrigerator better. That will prevent air pockets from forming and then creating frost.

You can also ensure you don’t leave the fridge door open for long when taking things out. That prevents warm air from entering the fridge and causing frost to form.

How do I know if my GE refrigerator needs to be put into defrost mode?

If your GE refrigerator has frost buildup in the freezer, it’s time to defrost it. Ice may block the airflow and prevents the refrigerator to run efficiently.

How do I put my GE refrigerator into defrost mode?

Unplug the refrigerator from the electric panel and remove all food from it. Next, leave the freezer door open for about an hour to let the ice melt. After the ice is melted, wipe up any water and plug the refrigerator back in.

How long does it take to defrost a GE refrigerator?

In a normal environment, it usually takes about an hour for the ice to melt. The time may vary depending on the amount of ice buildup in the freezer.

What should I do after putting my GE refrigerator into defrost mode?

Wipe up any water and plug the refrigerator back in. Wait a few hours before putting any food back into the refrigerator to let it cool down.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now know how to put GE refrigerator into defrost. All you need to do is follow the steps we have outlined, and you will see how easy it will be. If you encounter any problems, you can call an expert or contact customer support.

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