How to Stop a Dog from Whining When You Leave: 10 Secrets




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You are an affectionate master and you don’t want to let your dog whine. So, it is a question how to stop a dog from whining when you leave. What’s the solution?

Owning a dog means a constant stream of amusement, companionship, protection, and affection. You always raise your dog in happy, healthy, and independent. As you care him, he is also faithful to you.

How to stop a dog from whining when you leave
Image: Dog’s Whining and Crying Image Credit: Couleur

A dog always tries to stay with his master. Yes, it is possible at home. But you need to leave it and go outside. What does your dog do when you leave?

He feels companionless and whines until you return. Before going to the solution take a look to the causes of whining listed by Round The Year’s team.

Causes for dog whining/crying

They are not capable of talking, but they have some methods of communication through which they interact with us. Whining is one kind of methods. Generally, whining is cute. But when it goes for a long period or becomes a habit, it is so much aggravating. Do you want to stop your dog from whining? Then you have to find the reasons behind his whining.


There are some dogs who are more submissive than others. Sometimes, they whine to show that they are no threat at all. This types of whining are called appeasement whining. They destroy any risk of being attacked. They say you to leave them alone and they are not a threat.


Dog bark out of excitement than aggression. Seeing a canine playmate or a beloved human, a dog whines or barks. Again your dog may whine when you touch him with your soft hand in love.

Needs/wants something

A dog may whine if he needs something like food, water or a walk. It whines for finding his favorite toys. On the other hand, it whines when a cat sleeps under his bed.

dog wants or needs something

Whines for attention

The dog is like your kids. He wants your attention. If no one is paying attention to him, it may whine. Your dog wants mates or something for a companion.

In scared or stressed

Your dog is regular with you and your family. If new visitors come he feels nervous and takes as a threat to his master. In this time, your dog may bark out or whines.

In pain or discomfort

Dogs are like human kids. If they feel pain or discomfort, they express it by crying or by whining. If your dog is injured or feel discomfort in his bed, it whines to target his lord.

Says he’s sorry

Sometimes dog chews your shoes or tipping over the trash can. Certainly, you must scold your dog then. At that time he whines for an apology. Here whining is a submissive behavior through which he accepts you as the boss.

Separation anxiety

Does your dog whine when you go outside leaving him alone? If yes, then it is called separation anxiety. He always wants a companion. When you go outside, he feels bored and lonely. As a result, your dog whines until you come back to him.

separation anxiety in dogs

How to Stop a Dog from Whining When You Leave

As stated above you know why a dog whines. When you leave your dog alone he becomes sad, lonely, anxious or bored. He can’t be happy when you leave and try to let you know by making noise. Separation anxiety has many forms and levels. A dog can cry, howl, bark or vocalize you he is left alone.

But sure, he won’t hurt himself and you won’t be bored with this sound as you are not with him. Certainly, continuous crying or whining will be great boring for your neighbor.

So, how to stop a dog from whining when you leave is a question to you. As your dog is totally unhappy with this situation, you should technically handle this matter. Don’t be in hesitation! There are lots of things by which you can reduce and eliminate your dog crying when you leave.

Make a reliable daily routine

You have adopted a new dog. He may vocalize at first when you leave him as he is not used to with his new home. Even your dog needs to change his routine or roommate and becomes upset that leads your dog crying. In this situation, you can make a consistent, reliable routine and let him time to adjust.

how to stop dog barking

Give a regular exercise

Like human kids, unspent energy grows up in dog and it needs to come out somehow. You can take him for a walk before you leave him. You can also engage him in an intense play or any other exercise. Exercise relaxes his brain and keeps him calm while you leave him.

Switch on TV or radio when you leave

Do you have a TV or a radio in your home? If yes then you can use them. A talking radio station or a News TV channel works fine. Just set the volume loud so that your dog will take it as people are talking in your home and he will not feel lonely.

Bring a “food puzzle” toy

A food puzzle toy works fine for reducing your dog’s whining. Give your dog before you leave. Your dog will get excited and remain busy to food out from them while you are out of the home. But different toys and everyday rotate them. With new food puzzle toy, he will be busy. I will suggest you buy at least 5 toys.

Dog walker/sitter/day care

A dog who enjoys playing with other dogs, do a lot of exercises. He becomes anxiety free and happier when he is left at home. Daily dog walkers or sitters add enough extra exercise that alleviates dog’s crying when you leave home alone.

Dog walker sitter day care

Play like hide and seek

This is a technique to “fake” him out for the next few hours. You go out of your home several times and come back after five minutes. The first time your pet will cry and when you return he will stop. When he will see happening this several times he will take it easy and will not cry as you are coming back after a few minutes. Next, you will leave him for hours and he will take it easy.

Don’t exaggerate your leaving

You packed up and getting ready to leave, just takes your bags and leave as you are coming back soon- No hugs, kisses or dramatic farewell. That means you should not exaggerate your leaving. Don’t say “Goodbye! It will be OK! I will return soon.” It gives him a sign about your leaving.

Don’t be crazy when you return

As you do in number 6, you will do no big deal when you return. Just ignore any type of attention seeking. Only reward your dog when he is calm even at least after 5 minutes. That means he will think you were at home all the time.

Apply natural homeopathic anxiety remedies

I have a thunderstorm terrified dog. I applied Rescue Remedy and it helped me much. No huge arrangement needed. You can put it in the dog’s mouth or mix with a treat or mix with drinking water. Surely, you will get a huge result.

Adopt a friend

Adopt a canine friend for your dog. It is an instant solution for whining or crying dogs. There are some dogs like Siberian Huskies who do not go well when you left him alone. Find a calm, happy and a good matched friend for him. It works best for stopping dogs whining when you leave him alone.

how to stop dog barking when left alone

Bottom Line

Lots of ideas have been stated above. Combine several ideas and wait a few days for the result. Mind it-every dog is individual and never response equally. Dog crying or whining is a common problem for a dog who is adopted in a new home.

Don’t be too hard and crazy to stop your dog from whining when you leave. Our tips are tested and never be upset when these tips are not successful for you. There are some dogs who belong to severe anxiety. Home modifications and medications do not work on them at all.

All the ideas stated above may not possible to implement. For example- it may not possible to adopt another dog. If the situation is too much and there are possibilities to become injured by himself or his howling create problems of your landlord or your neighbor, then seek out a certified animal behaviorist or a certified professional dog trainer.

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