How To Fix GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working Issue?




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GE refrigerators are currently one of the most reliable refrigerators on the market with amazing features. But like any other electronic home appliance, they can malfunction. One of the coolest features of GE refrigerators is that you can directly get fresh water from the fridge through a water dispenser.

But what can you do when the GE refrigerator water dispenser fails to work?

If the GE refrigerator’s water dispenser isn’t operating, check if the water line is switched on, and be sure that the tube supplying water isn’t blocked. You may have to change the valve of the water inlet, decrease the refrigerator’s internal temperature, or try replacing the vinyl tubing.

So if you’re having trouble fixing your GE refrigerator water dispenser, this article is for you. 

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working - best fixing guide!

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

Refrigerators from GE Appliances are renowned for their durability, quality products, and unique technology. Sometimes they can start malfunctioning in different parts after being used for a decent amount of time.

The water dispenser is a crucial part of the refrigerator since it’s used more frequently than any other part. You can easily get cold water directly from the refrigerator.

Because of its frequent use, it is more prone to damage. There can be many reasons why the water dispenser is not functioning. Some of the reasons are easily fixable, while some require expert help.

The ability to detect the exact location of the fault in the GE fridge’s water dispenser is crucial to coming up with a solution. A reset can sometimes fix the problem, but in most cases, a more specific solution is needed. The problem can originate from the dispenser control board or the water tube.

Diagnosing the underlying problem isn’t easy. You need to observe the signs and have knowledge about the functions of all the parts in order to detect the faulty part. The common reasons for a faulty water dispenser include:

  • An ice-clogged water tube is located on the door.
  • Fault in the water inlet valve
  • If the dispenser board is malfunctioning
  • If the water pressure is low
  • If the dispenser switch is faulty,
  • Door switch faults
  • If the water filter is blocked,

Check out all these parts to find out what the problem exactly is.  

GE Refrigerator Stops Dispensing Water

You may proceed to more precise methods to fix your water dispenser as soon as you have identified the root of the problem that is causing your GE refrigerator water dispenser to malfunction.

The name of this part makes its function obvious, dispensing water. So, what would you do when you need to drink a glass of cold water and discover that the dispenser has stopped working?

To fix this problem, check the following things:

  • If your water dispenser isn’t working, check if the water line is switched on.
  • If it’s switched on, check if the water dispenser cradle is kept down for a couple of minutes at least. It is important to allow the tank to be entirely filled before dispensing water.
  • To get rid of extra air from the waterline, dispense air for some minutes after the water. The volume of this air is the same as 2 gallons of water, so it’s possible that it’d take more time.
  • Make sure you haven’t removed the doors while installing a new water dispenser.
  • Check if all the cables are connected properly. Check the user’s manual of your refrigerator model to know the exact location of the wire harness. 

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Isn’t Working At All After Replacing Filter

As previously mentioned, the possible reason why your GE refrigerator water dispenser isn’t working, can be a result of a blocked water line by air or if the water line is switched off.

You may have replaced your old water dispenser filter after failing to fix it with the methods above. In case the water dispenser of GE refrigerator fails to work even after replacing the filter, check the following:

  • First, check if the tube in the door that supplies water is ice-clogged. Take out the tube and pass air through it by breathing out to test whether it can be blown through.
  • If air cannot freely move through this tube, it is frozen and needs to be cleared out. It can be thawed easily by leaving the water tube at room temperature for half an hour.
  • If you’ve tried melting the ice in the tube and the dispenser is still not working after filter replacement, the problem can be associated with the water pressure. The normal pressure of the water inlet valve needs to be at least 20 psi for the dispenser to work properly.
  • If the water pressure is below this level, the tube will get frozen due to fewer water supplies from the fridge. 

GE Refrigerator Fails to Dispense Cold Water

The best thing about a water dispenser is that you can get ice cold water directly from the fridge, which saves you from the hassle of filling bottles with water and putting them in the fridge.

This makes life so much easier for those who drink cold water frequently. What’s better than getting a glass of cold water after coming home on a hot day? But what would you do if your refrigerator wasn’t dispensing cold water?

If you are not getting cold water from your water dispenser, it may be because the temperature in the fridge section of your GE refrigerator is too low. You can change the fridge temperature easily by turning down the temperature knob on your refrigerator or by changing it in the electronic pad. Before checking the changed temperature, give it at least 24 hours.

If you have lowered the internal temperature and the problem isn’t fixed yet, it could be due to a mismatched model that doesn’t come with a tank. Coldwater is stored in this tank, and water that stays in the water tube for a long time is not generally cold. You will get cold water as soon as the water from the tube has been dispensed.

Common Solutions If Your GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

If you successfully detect the problem, try these common fixes below:

Replacement of water dispenser inlet valve.

The water dispenser requires 20 psi pressure to work properly, or else the waterline will be clogged. Check the pressure and make the water pressure 20 psi at least. Check the valve with a voltmeter to see if it’s working. Replace the valve if it doesn’t.

Dispenser Control Board Replacement

The control board operates and mediates the functions of the water dispenser. The whole dispenser will stop working if the control board malfunctions. Before you replace the control board, make sure to check if the problem is associated with only a single part of the system. Sometimes only one faulty component causes the problems. Replace the control board if the entire water dispenser stops working.

Changing The Dispenser Switch

The voltage of the dispenser is delivered through the switches. The dispenser will start malfunctioning if the switches are broken. Use a voltmeter to check if the switches are working properly. Install another dispenser switch if the older one doesn’t work.

Changing The Door Switch

The water dispenser is automatically turned off when you open the doors. In the case of a faulty door switch, the dispenser will not switch on after closing the doors. Use a voltmeter to see if the door switches are working or not. Reinstall another door switch if the older one fails to turn the dispenser on.

Changing The Water Filter

If the water filter is blocked, it will prevent water supply to your water dispenser and cause malfunction. The water filter requires replacement twice a year to keep the water supply to the dispenser working properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you unclog a GE refrigerator water dispenser?

To unclog the GE refrigerator water dispenser, you first have to find it and detach it from any screw that’s holding it. After unscrewing, hold down the water button, which is located on the front panel of your GE refrigerator, and check if water is flowing through it.

If water passes through it, then it’s likely that an air blockage was causing the clog. If it doesn’t work, the line is blocked by ice. Unplug the fridge and leave it to thaw for some hours.

Q. How do you clean a GE refrigerator water dispenser?

Once in a while, you need to clean your GE refrigerator water dispenser. Check out these methods below to clean the water dispenser:

  • Disconnect the water dispenser and stop the water supply. Wash it thoroughly with white vinegar.
  • Clean the outer part of the tube and the nozzle with a brush.
  • After putting vinegar in the reservoir tank, reconnect the dispenser. Let it fill with water, and don’t drink the first batch of water.
  • Take a wet cloth and clean the outer surface.

Q. How do you clean the water line on a GE side-by-side refrigerator?

To clean the waterline:

  • Take some vinegar and mix it with tap water.
  • Put this mixture through the tube and scrub it with a bottle brush.
  • Connect the water line and let the water go through it so that the vinegar is cleaned off.
  • Take a glass of water to test if there’s any vinegar left.

Q. How often should you replace the refrigerator water line?

The water line is made of plastic, so it doesn’t require frequent replacement. But sometimes it can leak and the inner surface may become yellowish. In that case, you should replace the waterline. You can replace the water line once every 2 years.

Q. Can I use my refrigerator without the water filter?

Yes. Some refrigerators can work without a water filter. In that case, the water directly goes to the ice maker, skipping the filtration part. Some refrigerators require a bypass plug. So it depends on the model of your refrigerator.


The GE refrigerator water dispenser is an innovative feature that allows you to have a glass of cold water whenever you need it. But your friendly water dispenser can malfunction for many reasons. GE refrigerator water dispenser not working is a common issue, and fortunately enough, you won’t require professional help in most cases.

Having good knowledge of the components will allow you to detect the problem easily. While fixing any part, make sure you know exactly what you are doing. If needed, get help from a professional. In most cases, you need to replace the parts of the dispenser. Look out for them online and fix them. On a hot summer day, enjoy a glass of cold water from your dispenser once again.

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