Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is massive: Samsung confirms

There is a rumor about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8! At present Samsung is the top level smartphone manufacturer in the world. They have been introducing their exciting smartphones or notes with the world. Earlier in this month, Samsung has accidentally leaked its some features related to its massive size and new design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

This details leaked in this week. There are two biggest talking points in this.

Galaxy Note 8
(Image collected from Forbes)

Mega Size

Credible sources have confirmed that Galaxy Note 8 will be the largest premium smartphone. Its size is 6.3 inches and 19.5:9 aspect ratio display. Samsung’s official catchphrase is “Do Bigger Things”.

Besides, Samsung has aimed its focus on stylus productivity and it’s clearly preparing people for big display size.

This is a smart one for the reason number two…

Samsung Galaxy Note
(Image collected from Forbes)

All New Design

A device of 6.3 inches is obviously a big one. Switching the range to the almost bezel-less Infinity Display used in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will minimize its footprint. Actually, it allowed Samsung to enlarge the Galaxy S8 Plus and made it usable in one hand.

Moreover, Samsung has received the tricks of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus to build Galaxy Note 8. Analyzing the leaked news, Forbes was able to compare among Galaxy S8 (left) Galaxy S8 Plus (middle) and Galaxy Note 8 (right).

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
(Image collected from Forbes)

Definitely, Galaxy Note 8 is a big one but it has a potential last-minute design alternation that leaked.

Price Barrier

This Galaxy Note 8 is going to be the exciting one. Samsung also has invested a lot in this project. They are facing a problem with the high price and they are expecting to start from $1,000.

But there is a question: Is Samsung going to ask too much for Samsung Note 8? We needn’t wait long to find out…

So, friends your feeling about Galaxy Note 8? Leave a comment.

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